Sara + JY's Moody, 70's-Inspired, Mountaintop Wedding at Cheaha State Park


Sara + JY

February 23, 2019

Jonathan (aka JY) and Sara have been by each other’s side for almost 8 years. They started dating three years after becoming friends. Sara and JY went to Bonaroo together a year into their friendship and came back with a new friendship. They spent the next couple of years as best friends. They would do everything together— go to concerts, watch movies, even study. They were inseparable, then fate took it’s turn and the two fell in love.

About 5 years passed, and Sara and JY went to see one of their favorite artists, Jason Isbell, at the Alabama Theatre. They love going to concerts together and it’s really a big part of the spark that is between them. At the end of the show, Jonathan pulled Sara into the aisle to dance. To her surprise, he got on one knee and asked Sara to spend her life with him. Jason congratulated the two from stage, and gave them the set list from that night. JY even arranged for all Sara’s friends to be there to celebrate.

Their wedding was nothing short of magical. The whole day was full of light and laughter. Sara is a literal ray of sunshine. One of Sara’s bridesmaids, Alexus, had a birthday on her wedding day, and Sara took the time to get her a cake and sing her happy birthday while they got ready. The ceremony was beautiful. They were married by Sara’s Uncle.

They had a smorgasbord of food to kick off the reception. I’m talking spinach and artichoke quiche, chicken fingers, chocolate fountain with waffles, mac’n’cheese, meatballs, chicken salad, sweet potato pie, shrimp, and that is probably not even half of it. Then desert came out: banana pudding, key lime pie, peach cobbler, A DONUT WALL. I am not done. After everyone had gotten a little wine in them, (in true Leslie Knope fashion) Sara planned a breakfast bar centered around waffles. Please note the sign behind the cakes that say “Treat Yo’self.”

After food everyone took to the dance floor. Mind you, this is a family of musicians. JY surprised Sara with a song he wrote for her. IT WAS PRECIOUS. Not only that— after he played his song, family and friends hopped on stage to perform Hall & Oates’ “Sara Smile” with Sara’s dad on guitar, JY’s dad on drums, and JY on bass. After that their wedding band Plato Jones, took back the stage and finished out their set. After the band had finished, the night turned into the BEST jam session. They played late into the night until Sara and JY left to hop on a plane to Antigua.

Thanks for letting us be part of your day, Sara and JY. We love you two and hope you’re living in marital bliss!

Dress: Made with Love Bridal from Village Bridal
Groom’s Jacket:
The Groomsman Suit
Sara’s ring:
Heidi Gibson
JY’s ring: Etsy
Katy Perry
Sara’s Earrings: Vintage from Sara’s Nanny
Sara’s Necklace: Vintage from Sara’s Granny

Florals: Mary Messer’s Flower Shop
Corbin Farms Winery
J & A Film Co.
Alexander’s Great Events
Hair: Jody Self Hair Studio
Makeup: Regan Self
Plato Jones
Cake: family friend
Officiant: Rev Dr Russell Jones Levenson (Sara’s Uncle)

The Holloways

Where do I begin with these two? Meagan and Jordan are both such kind, precious souls. When I arrived, Meagan was writing in a journal she had started for Jordan when they first became engaged. She wrote about her love for him everyday up until their wedding day where she gifted him the journal. After she finished her journal, Jordan sister Lyndsey put the finishing touches on Meagan's hair. We are going to take a moment and honor Meagan's choice of kicks because I LOVE THEM... Okay-- after throwing on her sparkly Keds, she slipped into her dress with help from her stepmother, Jaselyn. She even chose a special scent just for her wedding day, so when she wore it they could both think of their wedding day.

The First Look is probably my favorite part of any wedding day. We started with Meagan's father daughter first look, and was it sweet!? You could see how proud of her he was. After the father daughter first look, I walked Jordan to Meagan backwards. This first look was EMOTIONAL. I could feel Jordan's excitement and Meagan's anxiety. She was about two seconds from falling out when Jordan turned around. He collapsed at her beauty and I bawled like a freakin' baby. His face was total disbelief. It was beautiful. I told him to give her a kiss and his response was an excited "Can I do that!?"

We headed to the ceremony next. Now, as a tiny backstory: Their engagement session was met with an October rain storm. It poured and they rolled with it like the champs they are. It was one of my favorite shoots to date. Now back to their wedding story, the skies were gloomy from the get-go. The rain had held off most of the day, until it was time for their ceremony to start. They didn't panic, they just (you guessed it) rolled with it. It was a gorgeous, emotional ceremony. They each wrote their own vows in his and hers vow booklets. Their parents looked on so proud, and everyone took the rain with a smile. Meagan and Jordan both attempted to hold back tears as they vowed their love to each other. They finally sealed it with a smiling kiss, and they marched back up the aisle, umbrella in tow. 

Their reception was a blast. They served tacos (because Cinco De Mayo, and because tacos are always a great option) and fruit. Their cakes were beautiful. The wedding cake was simple with eucalyptus decorating each layer. The groom's cake was chocolate with peanut butter cups on top. After they cut their cake and busted open a bottle of wine, they ventured to the dance floor. Let me tell you, this family knows how to GET DOWN. I have never seen so many killer moves on one dance floor. After all the emotions, the kissing and cuddling, the cake cutting, and the dances -- it was time for the Holloway's send off. They broke out the sparklers and ran through the tunnel of light to their getaway car, then they lived Happily Ever After. 

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Sara + Jonathan


Sara + Jonathan

engagement session // 3.28.2018

Sara and Jonathan were such a good time! They have known each other for 8 years. The two ended up going to Bonaroo, where they became best friends. After two years of being best friends, they became a couple. The rest is history.

Music and concerts are a huge part of their love. Jonathan introduced Sara to one of their favorite artists, Jason Isbell. January 18th, the two attended Jason Isbell's concert at the Alabama Theatre. It was there that Jonathon dropped to one knee to propose. Sara said yes, then they were congratulated by Jason, and he even gave them the setlist! 

On the day of their shoot, we carpooled to Troy, AL to this beautiful, secluded house on a hill. There we stumbled upon the most beautiful red dirt pit. I know that sounds crazy. The home-owners were renovating their backyard though, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The dirt photographed just like the desert. We got to pretend to be in Arizona for an hour, then we ventured down by a creek on the property. I love the skinny, South Alabama trees and the Southern vibes. I can't wait for these two lovebirds to tie the knot!

Meagan + Jordan


Meagan + Jordan

Engagement Session

Where do I even begin with this couple!? These two are a photographer's dream. They're beautiful, stylish, and laid back (not to mention their cute pup). There was rain in the forecast, but we decided to venture out to McGee Farm anyways. We had clear skies for a while, but thank goodness that didn't last. The bottom fell out, and thus became my favorite shoot ever. We threw her leather jacket and my camera gear in the abandoned pickup truck, and rolled with the rain.