What to Wear for Your Family Portraits

Okay, so this part can be super overwhelming for a lot of people. I have been here time and time again though. We are going to take it slow and find the perfect outfits for your family.

Milly Baine Photography-6949.jpg
  • Avoid bold patterns. Busy florals, bright plaids, and bold stripes can distract from the actual focal point of the photo (you). Pinstripes, soft florals, and subtle patterns are just fine.
  • Earth tones, white, black, and grey work best in photos in natural settings. 

  • TEXTURE! Velvet, lace, suede, embroidery, and leather (preferably faux or vintage) photograph so well. Heavy knits also look great when in season.

  • Coordinate, but don't match your outfits. If she's wearing and olive green dress, then he could wear dark wash jeans and an off-white shirt. 

  • Accessorize!  Brimmed hats, cozy scarves, and chunky necklaces make your look more interesting without taking away from your beautiful faces.

  • Wear nude-colored undergarments. 

  • Shoes are important. Try to avoid sneakers (unless they're Converse or VANS). Boots are preferred, but neutral sandals or heels are nice too. 

  • Dress for the season. Autumn leaves and a summer dress just don't make much sense. 

  • Layers look SO GOOD.  I love a good denim jacket or cardigan.

  • Movement can add volumes to a photo. Find a piece with flow to it. When you're trying on, spin around and jump a little to see how your outfit moves.

  • Try to avoid too-trendy outfits. They tend to date your photos quicker, than traditional pieces.

  • Where to shop: vintage clothing stores, local boutiques,  Target,  Free People, Anthropologie,

  • Most importantly, your outfit should feel like you.  You want to wear something that makes you genuinely confident and happy.