Let’s get real.


I’m in this for the friendships, the love, and the catering. I could just show up, click some buttons, leave, and deliver your photos. That is not who I am though. I want to leave your wedding dead tired. I want to give my everything to make sure your wedding day is as easygoing and enjoyable as it should be for both of you. If I have to become a barrier between you and a bickering bridesmaid, I’ll do it. IF you need someone to hold your dress while you pee, I am there. Do you need someone to pressure all your bridal party to bust a move? hello, I am here to break it down on the dance floor. As a precursor, I am a terribly uncoordinated dancer. It has never stopped me though.

Planning is key.

We will be in communication so often throughout your engagement, your wedding, and even after your wedding day. That’s one reason it is so important that we click! You’re signing up for a friendship here. I have been to so many weddings (and I was just married this past October), so I am glad to help you with every question or concern you have. if you want input on bridesmaids’ dresses, his tux, or which caterer has the best waffles, I GOT YOU! I’ll help you plan your timeline, walk you through everything you need to know, and be sure you’re 100% prepared for your day! I want your wedding day to be so chill for you. I want you to be able to focus on each other throughout this awesome season. I want to serve you two to the fullest.


It’s about creating memories and connections.

I am not just here to snap some photos and call it a day.

I am in this for the long haul.



everything is about the details. I am a detail freak. from the photo of their hands clenching yours to the little things that go into setting the mood for you two in moments that matter most, I am so on it. at your first look, I will break out your song and hopefully I will have talked you two into writing lovey-dovey letters to each other. I will make sure you’re away from any and all distractions when your focus should be on one another. These are your moments and I will protect that at all costs.


I want us to have a genuine connection. I want you to feel like you can talk to me about anything, and that you’re free to act like your goofy, wild self in front of me. The more we connect— the more comfortable you are in front of the camera— the better your pictures are. I will do everything in my power to make you laugh and get in your feels. I want to set the mood and make your most precious moments together everything they are meant to be. Your photos will be authentically you.


Photos are invaluable. these moments are so fleeting and so precious. I want to capture the little things that are so easy to forget: your mom’s eyes when she helps you into your dress, your partner’s face as they see you for the very first time, your wedding party acting a fool and having the time of their lives at your reception. your pictures make time travel possible. I want you to revisit your photos every year and feel all the happiness of your wedding day over and over again. what is that worth to you? I have heard so many horror stories of couples hiring friends or going for the cheapest photographer. trust me— you’ll regret it. This isn’t just another check on your list of things to do; this is a huge decision. I want to give you the experience of a lifetime, because your love is a once-in-a-lifetime love.


I am not going to make you do any cheesy shit.

I will guide you on what to do to an extent, but I am here to create real moments. I want you to look back at your photos and remember when I told you to give each other raspberries and how ridiculous you felt when I told you to walk like you had one too many jack and cokes.


Let’s make every moment beautiful together.

Let’s create photos that you’ll hold dear forever.