Kensley + Luke


Their Start

Kensley met Luke at Auburn University. She had planned a huge party for a friend of hers and Luke showed up. They hit it off immediately. Luke’s first impression of Kensley was “HOT DAMN!” Kensley’s first impression of Luke was “He’s cute, but he’s cocky. He is really cute though.”

After that party in Auburn, Luke invited Kensley and some of her friends to Nashville, where Luke had moved after graduation. In the following weeks, they would text and talk for hours over the phone. Kensley had such a good gut feeling about Luke that she even left a beach trip early to go spend time with him one weekend. They have been together ever since.

They have made long distance work between Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN. They frequent rooftop bars and concerts, and they travel often. They love experiencing new things and new places together.

The Proposal

Luke originally rented a rooftop and planned to propose in October. He got Kensley’s sister and two of her best friends in on it. He couldn’t wait it out though. While Kensley and Luke were on a camping trip at one of Kensley’s childhood campgrounds, weekends before his planned proposal, he popped the question. He told her that he wanted to get better at photography, and he set up his camera to take a photo of them in front of a waterfall. Little did she know, he had set the camera to record a video of his proposal. She was completely surprised and had no idea a proposal was in the near future. They got dressed up and met some friends on top of the Redmont Hotel for celebratory drinks and photos.

They plan to kick off their happily ever after on September 21st, 2019 with a carefree, fun celebration.

The Holloways

Where do I begin with these two? Meagan and Jordan are both such kind, precious souls. When I arrived, Meagan was writing in a journal she had started for Jordan when they first became engaged. She wrote about her love for him everyday up until their wedding day where she gifted him the journal. After she finished her journal, Jordan sister Lyndsey put the finishing touches on Meagan's hair. We are going to take a moment and honor Meagan's choice of kicks because I LOVE THEM... Okay-- after throwing on her sparkly Keds, she slipped into her dress with help from her stepmother, Jaselyn. She even chose a special scent just for her wedding day, so when she wore it they could both think of their wedding day.

The First Look is probably my favorite part of any wedding day. We started with Meagan's father daughter first look, and was it sweet!? You could see how proud of her he was. After the father daughter first look, I walked Jordan to Meagan backwards. This first look was EMOTIONAL. I could feel Jordan's excitement and Meagan's anxiety. She was about two seconds from falling out when Jordan turned around. He collapsed at her beauty and I bawled like a freakin' baby. His face was total disbelief. It was beautiful. I told him to give her a kiss and his response was an excited "Can I do that!?"

We headed to the ceremony next. Now, as a tiny backstory: Their engagement session was met with an October rain storm. It poured and they rolled with it like the champs they are. It was one of my favorite shoots to date. Now back to their wedding story, the skies were gloomy from the get-go. The rain had held off most of the day, until it was time for their ceremony to start. They didn't panic, they just (you guessed it) rolled with it. It was a gorgeous, emotional ceremony. They each wrote their own vows in his and hers vow booklets. Their parents looked on so proud, and everyone took the rain with a smile. Meagan and Jordan both attempted to hold back tears as they vowed their love to each other. They finally sealed it with a smiling kiss, and they marched back up the aisle, umbrella in tow. 

Their reception was a blast. They served tacos (because Cinco De Mayo, and because tacos are always a great option) and fruit. Their cakes were beautiful. The wedding cake was simple with eucalyptus decorating each layer. The groom's cake was chocolate with peanut butter cups on top. After they cut their cake and busted open a bottle of wine, they ventured to the dance floor. Let me tell you, this family knows how to GET DOWN. I have never seen so many killer moves on one dance floor. After all the emotions, the kissing and cuddling, the cake cutting, and the dances -- it was time for the Holloway's send off. They broke out the sparklers and ran through the tunnel of light to their getaway car, then they lived Happily Ever After. 

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