Your Adventure Session: a Guide


Your portraits should represent every beautiful thing about your love. I've learned a few tricks to making your photos as wild and brilliant as you.

Pre-session Prep

Okay you two,

  • Drink lots of water the week before your photos. Your skin will thank you.

  • If you are cutting or dying your hair, do so a week before your shoot.

  • Find some poses or photos that move you, and show me at our next meeting. Instagram is an awesome place to find inspo.

  • If you're bringing your pup to your session, bring someone to handle your furbaby while we shoot just the two of you. Make sure the pup(s) are well-excercised and exhausted before the shoot.

  • Have a date night a couple days before the shoot to do face masks, hair masks, and a heavy dose of self-care.

  • If you have naturally oily skin, bring oil blotting paper or a light powder to mattify your complexion.

  • Avoid sunburn and heavy drinking a few days before your session.

  • Practice cuddling and kissing before your session. If you're super shy, maybe bring some liquid courage to the shoot.


Okay now ladies,

  • Be sure your nails are painted or completely free of  polish.

  • Apply your eye makeup a little heavier than usual. You still want to look natural, but the camera needs a little extra pop. 

  • This may be a good time to trial your wedding hair and makeup.

  • Clean your ring, so it is extra sparkly for its close up.

And fellas

  • Shape up your facial hair. This is the perfect opportunity to stop by the barber's a day or two before the shoot.

  • Clean and trim your nails

But what do I wear though?

Okay, so this part can be super overwhelming for a lot of couples. It can feel like that one scene in The Grinch. I have been here time and time again though. We are going to take it slow and find the perfect outfit for you both. 

Avoid bold patterns. Busy florals, bright plaids, and bold stripes can distract from the actual focal point of the photo (you).

  • Earth tones, white, black, and grey work best in photos  in natural settings. 

  • TEXTURE! Velvet, lace, suede, embroidery, and leather (preferably faux or vintage) photograph so well.  Heavy knits also look great when in season.

  • Coordinate, but don't match your outfits. If she's wearing an olive green dress, then he could wear dark wash jeans and an off-white shirt. 

  • Accessorize!  Brimmed hats, cozy scarves, and chunky necklaces make your look more interesting without taking away from your beautiful faces. 

  • Wear nude-colored undergarments.

  • Try to avoid sneakers (unless they're Converse or VANS). Boots preferred. 

  • Dress for the season. Autumn leaves and a summer dress just don't make much sense. 

  • Layers look SO GOOD.  I love a good denim jacket or cardigan.

  • Movement can add volumes to a photo. Find a piece with flow to it. When you're trying on, spin around and jump a little to see how your outfit moves.

  • Try to avoid too-trendy outfits. They tend to date your photos quicker, than traditional pieces.

  • Where to shop: vintage clothing stores, local boutiques,  Target,  Free People, Anthropologie.

  • Your website, invitations, and save the dates will coordinate best if you keep your wedding colors in mind when choosing what to wear. 

  • Most importantly, your outfit should feel like you.  You want to wear something that makes you genuinely confident and happy

  • If you need a little inspiration, you can visit my style board on Pinterest. I am constantly pinning new outfits and new inspiration.